Let’s agree from the start that this will be a totally marketing overview, all judgement and opinions about the main protagonists aside. We simply can not ignore the fact that no matter how wrong their messages may be, it is a simple fact that they have mastered the modern day marketing.

I have to say, I haven’t watched all episodes, but I have probably read more gossip stories and scrolled more Instagram profiles of the K family that I should have. I guess most of us wonder how is it possible to make millions just by laying around, drinking smoothies and putting on make up, but the answer is actually pretty simple.

Behind all those selfies, fashion lines, cosmetic lines there is a huge PR and marketing machinery which not only helped them become famous and rich, but also set new standards in online communication.

What we can notice from their communication so far is:

  • Scandals are means of boosting talks and fame

Ok, I guess we’re all familiar with this knowing the history of Kim. Even though she tried really hard to become famous (even was Paris Hiltons assistant for a while), her real fame comes after a supposedly leaked pron video. The next boosts comes after a wedding that lasts only a few days, and so on. What is interesting here is not the scandals themselves, but the way that the Kardashians use them into their advantage. No fake appologies, no shame, no hiding. They take the responsibility (and fame that goes with it) and turn it into their own success.

  • Almost no privacy.

If you watch their series, they allow you to enter their homes, their relationships, on Instagram you can literally watch their kids grow up, on their mobile apps you can decide which clothes they should wear or what event they should visit. This amount of virtual openness makes the audience feel as a part of their stories and leaves them wanting more and more.

  • Spending time with the right people. 

Regardless if it’s Kim’s husband, or the new family friend Anna Wintour, they rarely let the “common” people become a regular part of their lives. Even some of them that were there from the start (their best friends from childhood, assistants etc) get caught up in this lifestyle and go on to becoming online influencers themselves.

  • They deal with problems the audience has.

If the people they spend time with are carefully chosen, you can only imagine what happens with each new project. From a TV show that gives advice on healthy nutrition and lifestyle, to cosmetic lines for different target groups lead by different sisters, it is evident that their teams carefully listen to their audience and gives them what they want and need.

  • They never stop. Even if they’re failing.

Even if you haven’t seen a single episode, I’m sure you’ve seen a clip, meme or video in which they did something that was subject to criticism or laughter. But despite all of this, their persistence (and a lot of dollars spent for advertising) has lead them from one of the trashiest families to an example family which is also very good at doing business. Great PR and a lot of stubbornness and consistency in one, you can’t loose with that.

  • Shameless advertising.

From face and body creams, to bottled water, they’re just not ashamed to put their faces on any product. The size of the brands grew with their fame, but the approach seems to be the same – pay enough and your story will be shared.

To summarize, even though their methods may be questionable, we can not ignore the impact that the Kardashians have had on modern day communication (especially the influencers).

My goals with this text is not to make you hate or love them, but maybe just pay a bit more attention and notice next time when you’re watching their shows/Insta feeds, and notice when they’re trying to sell you something 🙂