You know what they say, getting comfortable can be the worst enemy of creativity. Just as I got used to organizing the Creative Talks and everything that goes with the event planning and execution, a new challenge appeared.

Due to the restrictions caused by the Corona virus, we all have to stay at home and predicting when it will all be over is almost impossible, so we needed to find a new way to make Creative Talks happen.

The first and obvious choice was off course Zoom, but what I failed to consider is that my home internet connection previously used only for Netflix, social media and a few work emails may not be the best solution for a full on talk show of 1 hour with 3 guests. I was lucky enough to have 3 great guys (really experienced in online talk shows) as my guests, so with a lot of improvisation we managed to make the first online (and 4th official) Creative Talks!

Enjoy in the story of Bobo, Danko and Gorast, and get to know their awesome game show 🙂