Today the winners of the Balcannes awards were announced. I’m really happy to see even three Macedonian campaigns among them, and even a little (selfishly) prouder that I already mentioned two of them as my favorites in this interview last year.

The first campaign, Words Have Weight, is directed towards education of  parents, and how each of their actions, even their words, make a great impact on children. The ad with which the campaign began, presents how a different approach can lead to different, better results and happier kids. I love the storytelling, the visual, and I have to say, the casting in awesome. 🙂

The second campaign makes the most out of storytelling in another way. Using local examples and celebrities, with very well known comical situations for all of them, the ads educate the audience that there is a way to pay their bills online. This was one of the most talked about campaigns in 2018, because of the different approach (not just a boring video presenting where you should click in order to pay), but also the creative execution.

The remaining awarded campaigns (a lot of them really really great) can be seen on this link: