Let me start this post with saying that I might be a little biased. Even though I’ve never been a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds’ career (except for Deadpool, off course), I instantly fell in love with his (company’s?) way of doing marketing, from the first ad I saw.

Remember the Deadpool promo videos? It was a still new approach and not many of us were used to see movie characters promoting their movies this way, but looking back at those same videos now, they’re still as cool as they were the first time I saw them. I kind of think that breaking the fourth wall in the Deadpool movies, has actually helped set a direction in all the overall marketing communication that we’re now used to see from the Maximum Effort Production.

So what is that special thing about the Ryan Reynolds/Aviation Gin/Mint Mobile/Maximum Effort ads that makes us like them so much? I have a few ideas 🙂

They seem really, really genuine.

The main protagonist is not afraid to make a fool out of himself or make jokes on his own account. The setup is usually placed in standard, everyday situations so familiar to all of us, there are no huge special effects, drama…Basically everything that we’ve so far been used to see in ads. They feel simple, incredibly clever, raw-looking (just as Gen Z likes them), and make you feel good after watching them.

They are people oriented.

They present the things we’re going through, the way we’re going through them. So, complete focus on the customers and their needs, instead of just direct product promotion. But, an amazing story line to lead up to the product in the end.

They make fun of cliches.

And it was about time. Everybody is sick of the same old, boring ads, so this approach not only provides the much needed refreshment, but also shows the audience the brand is “one of them” and understands their thoughts and reactions.

They are unexpected. And just the right amount ridiculous.

I never thought I’d love a match-making ad featuring the devil and the year 2020, but I really do. They have a great way of finding seemingly simple and funny ideas, and turning them into great stories. Most of the times it’s those ads that when you see them you think “how didn’t I come up with this, it’s soo obvious”.

They have a greater good premise.

From donating to bartenders with every purchased bottle of Aviation Gin during the Covid lock-down, to lowering the prices on Mint Mobile when everyone else is drastically increasing them due to inflation. We all love a great story, but when there’s an even greater benefit to it, it’s an instant click/buy.

They have just the right touch of stardom.

Regardless if you’re a fan of his movie career or not, Ryan Reynolds is a face and name known to everyone. And if you’ve seen his latest show Welcome to Wrexham, you can see how much that popularity can actually help in spreading the right message and motivation action.

In their ads, they perfectly dose and utilize the celebrity, making the most out of the fame, but at the same time, not building a wall between the audience and an unreachable movie star. Having a great sense of humor, and a wife who’s into it definitely helps.

So if you need to write it down to just one thing, what makes these ads great is their humanization. They have an open and direct approach, they give you a good purpose, or promise a great time… It kind of feels like you’re talking to your favorite, funny friend and she has something she’d like to recommend.

What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments.