I love campaigns that show a different perspective on a topic we’ve all seen and probably talked about before. Although there are some very strong campaigns dedicated to increasing road safety, the latest campaign on the topic created by DDB France is something else.

We’re all aware and have probably met a person who believes that the road safety regulations don’t apply to them. They are to secure in themselves, think of themselves as very experienced drivers and don’t pay much (or at all) attention to any warning signs of what might go wrong if you don’t respect the regulations.

The French road safety campaigns focuses on another side of the whole road safety story – not the bad implications, not the horrible accidents, but the good things in life you don’t want to miss. As they state on their website, the goal of the campaign is not to scare the drivers or make them feel guilty, it is to motivate the audience to celebrate life.

The campaign is named “The Joy of Life” and through a set of great emotional photographs and inspiring videos, it presents the small and big joys of life you simply don’t want to miss by not paying attention on the road. The ads are directed by the well known French Director Arnaud Desplechin

It also stresses the small, usually irrelevant actions that lead to great catastrophes. One SMS, one emoji, one casual phone call are not worth losing life and all it has to offer. I love the fact that there is no music in any of the videos, so there is no forced emotional moment, just the pure storytelling. Enjoy 🙂

Check out the whole campaign here, or see more inspiring campaigns on this link.