Although it’s a little late and probably everyone forgot about the Super Bowl, I just had to take my pick and continue the tradition of choosing the best Super Bowl ads. So aside from Rihanna’s awesome Fenty product placement, which definitely has no competition, these are my favorites from this years not-so -great Super Bowl ads selection.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Yes, I’m fully accepting and here for the Ben & Jen cringe fest. It works great with all the latest meme’s about them, and they get bonus points for actually not being afraid to make fun of themselves.


Definitely the winner in my opinion. It’s funny, it’s star-studded, just like a Super Bowl ad should be, it has a subtle product placement but it shows the brand totally understands its target audience. I’ve never heard of Workday before, but I definitely googled it after seeing the ad.


It’s fun, it’s quirky, it has small unexpected twists and it features the largest current stars and already established icons. The premise might be a little ridiculous, but we’re all trying to catch up with Gen Z, aren’t we? 🙂

It was a big year for recreating older stories, so we saw an adaptation of Clueless, an awesomely executed adaptation of Breaking Bad, and although it was fun to watch the comeback of some of my favorite characters, somehow the timing feels wrong, it was just way too long ago. I would have loved to see an older Cher from Clueless, or Jessie Pinkman in a totally new mood, but it is what it is.

I really loved the beginning of the Squarespace ad, it had a lot of potential (and not just because of Adam Driver) but it felt like the ending wasn’t strong enough (at least in the aired short version), even though the story-line “A website that makes other websites” is still awesome.

As a final pick, I chose the Bud Light ad, just because it’s simply cute 🙂 No grandiose happenings, no drama, just a fun, relatable story with great looking protagonists.

What are your favorites? Get more inspiration here.