Yet another “Dani Komunikacija” has passed, and if last year I wasn’t totally sure because it was my first time there, this year I can definitely say that this is the best conference on the Balkans for anyone focused on (digital) marketing or just plainly innovation and creativity.

Let’s start with the program. Probably saying that Sir Martin Sorrell was one of the peakers is good enough to make you want to buy the ticket, but this wasn’t all.

There were presentations by Matt Bespiel, winner of 88 Cannes Lions and former CMO in McDonald’s, Ali Ali, the guy behind “Nobody says no to Panda” and a bunch of other awesome ads,the cyborg and activist Moon Ribas, our favorite prankster Oobah Butler,another great guy from “Vice”, it’s vice president and Head of Innovation, Mark Adams, and many more.

I’m glad to say that all the presentations were very informative and inspiring, and unlike most of the local conferences, no one put too much focus on their own personal or brand promotion. I really recommend Dani Komunikacija exactly because of the great program that instantly makes you forget about the crowded waiting rooms before every presentation. It being in the beautiful Rovinj in Croatia is just another bonus. 🙂

To keep it as short as I can, these are the 3 most inspiring presentations for me (I’m skipping Sorrels interview on the account of being too star struck), hope you love them as much as I did. 🙂

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And apersonal favorite, meeting with Oobah 🙂