Creative Talks

Creative Talks #19: Simone Kalica

In the first March Creative Talks, I had the pleasure of speaking to Simone Kalica – photographer, influencer, woman with a very unique story and a lot to tell 🙂 She spoke about the creative process in photography, preparations for capturing great photos in stressful situations, inspiration and the struggle with self-doubt. Enjoy 🙂

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Creative Tips

Creative Tips: Hamilton

Магијата на театарот и музиката, споени во една фантастично комбинирана приказна. Не сум голем фан ни на мјузикли ни на работи прогласени за „must see“, ама мјузиклот Hamilton е една од ретките работи кои дефинитивно ја препорачувам. 🙂

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[Inspiration] The time we have left

This is one of the most beautiful campaigns I had the chance to see in the past year. I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for emotional stories, and this one is just that, a real, loving story, very relevant and important for each one of us.

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