Talk about great prep for a Superbowl campaign! CeraVe has taken over TikTok with a series of content-creator collaborations announcing something funny going on 🙂

Michael Cera has been spotted delivering PR packages, signing CeraVe products in stores, and giving out branded t-shirts. It all started in an interview with one of the currently most popular podcasters Bobby Althoff, where she asked him if he founded CeraVe because of his last name.

It was a great setup to further develop a funny and quirky communication, just like Michael (who the younger audience got to know in the recent Barbie movie), and the Gen Z aesthetic. It instantly gets your attention and makes you ask for more since there is no real outcome. We still haven’t seen the whole story behind the videos, but it seems like we will be able to discover it during this year’s Superbowl.

Have you seen these videos? What do you think is going on? 🙂

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