There are 2 advertising “holidays” I celebrate each year – the Super Bowl ads night (yes, we are completely ignoring the game :D) and Dani Komunikacija (more about this soon :)). Whether you follow sports or ads, you’ve probably seen that the Super Bowl happened this weekend, and there was a lot to talk about.

Let’s start with the standard, star-studded ads that we usually expect from the Super Bowl. Uber Eats made a big impact with the teaser (I loved the Jessica Aniston moment!), but the final ad, although was really fun, didn’t make as much of an effect as I expected it to (the concept “in order to remember something you must forget something else” is an awesome premise, but wasn’t quite developed to it’s maximum).

The one of these flashy, big-time types of ads that made the largest impact was definitely the Dunkin’ Donuts one. I already wrote how much I love the Ben Affleck cringe-fest, and they managed to up the game and make it even better this year.

What I also love is how they didn’t only think about the one Super Bowl ad but created tons of additional social media content they keep publishing to this day. Check out their TikTok Page to see all of them and enjoy the extended cut below.

An honorable mention for Mountain Dew 🙂 They managed to reunite Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman, the ad is fun (it simply can’t not be with them in it), but nothing never-before-seen or spectacular. 🙂

One of the ads I loved the most, was the ad by Pluto TV because of the hilarious “couch-potato” concept. It’s quirky, funny, and fresh, I believe it deserves a lot more attention than it got. Even if you watch it one time, you simply remember it.

I also have to give a shout-out to Toyota, who gave a fun new perspective to the strength and resilience of their vehicles. Take a look: found a fun way to talk about a boring topic (with lots of competitors’ advertising). Here is their ad:

As always, there were a lot of bad ads and even bad tries to make something “go viral”. Like the pizza-wha-hut or twist-on-it Oreo’s (although the Oreo ad has a much better starting idea). Brands seem to think that the “Wazzuuup” is easy to achieve, but somehow always forget that nothing forced will ever go viral as organic-seeming content.

All in all, it was a fun year at the Super Bowl, much better than the previous one. To wrap things up, the most random of them all, but still the king of making something that will be shared, Kanye for Yeezy: