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I’m sorry, but the Hilton TikTok ad sucks

Starting this blog I promised myself I’d use it to spread positivity and examples that inspire and motivate readers to do better and more. But there are some exceptions. 🙂 Hilton’s 10 minute TikTok ad has been all over media, filled with so much praise, that it actually makes me wonder, is it all paid PR or I’m missing something. So I had to share my thoughts.

I’m writing this not only as a marketer, but also as an addicted (not so proud) TikTik user who spends (again, not so proudly) an average of 3 hours per day on this network. My idea is not to spread negativity but to point out what could and should be done better next time, hoping that in the future, other brands can learn from Hilton’s mistakes.

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