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February 2020


Creative Talks #3

In the third Creative Talks I had the pleasure of talking to a dear friend of mine, co-blogger at and all around an awesome person, Aleksandra Hristov.

She shared her experiences with creativity from the earliest age up to today where she invents creative games to play with her daughters. The photos give just a small part of the atmosphere, you can see more on the official Facebook & Instagram Pages.

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[inspiration] The Dreamer by Puma

One of my favorite things about modern marketing is the focus that is placed on storytelling. Giving the primate to the story instead of the product itself can make the ad so much stronger and effective. One of the great examples of this approach is the latest ad by Puma. Developed in collaboration with J.Coles’ production Dreamville, it presents a dreamy story of a child wanting to become a basketball player.

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my thoughts

Superbowl ad favorites 2020

It’s one of the most anticipated events in the marketing industry, expected to be the place where brands compete in their creativity in communication. Unfortunately, this years Superbowl ads gave me the impression that the only competition was in the amounts for media placement and number of celebrities included. From more than 30 ads, I chose only six, and if I’m being totally honest, only a few of them would make it to the “best” list if the competitors were not so bad 🙂 Anyways, enjoy the “chosen ones” 🙂

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