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September 2022

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The “je ne sais quoi” of Maximum Effort’s marketing

Let me start this post with saying that I might be a little biased. Even though I’ve never been a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds’ career (except for Deadpool, off course), I instantly fell in love with his (company’s?) way of doing marketing, from the first ad I saw.

Remember the Deadpool promo videos? It was a still new approach and not many of us were used to see movie characters promoting their movies this way, but looking back at those same videos now, they’re still as cool as they were the first time I saw them. I kind of think that breaking the fourth wall in the Deadpool movies, has actually helped set a direction in all the overall marketing communication that we’re now used to see from the Maximum Effort Production.

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A fresh new perspective with Animal Thingdom

Most of the times when a brand realizes that they need a more emotional approach, they quickly turn to humanizing their brand as probably the easiest way to achieve this goal. I love this campaign by the British furniture brand DFS because it achieves the same goal, but in a very refreshing way.

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Intensely cool Barilla designs

Sometimes the simplest creatives are the most effective ones. Barilla created a mini-series presenting the “intensely Italian” origin of the brand showing their products with Italy’s most popular landmarks. So simple, yet so interesting, I just love this type of designs.

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