Instead of making a year wrap up talking about all that 2020 awfulness, let’s try to take things from another perspective. This was definitely a year where we all understood the importance of creativity.

We all became more creative at home

Regardless if it was learning a new skill like baking, or finding fun things to do in the same room in the same apartment for days and days, or even trying to use hair-dye or cut your hair the right way, the creatives in ourselves (unfortunately forcefully) woke up. All of us tried to use our talents in a new manner, or even discover and learn completely new skills. I found it very interesting how when pressed to boredom, people managed to come up with new ways to spend their time (some of them even productively 🙂

…more creative at work

From the crazy Zoom backgrounds, to discovering where in the room should be your workstation, to maybe even how to pretend that you’re working when you’re not, this was the largest creative adjustment most of us had to go through. Most of the agencies rearranged their work methods, the clients understood that they need to keep up, Zoom, Teams, G-chat were our “rooms” and “you’re on mute” was our new “so how was the traffic?”.

sometimes you need to improvise 🙂

I have to admit it, I personally had some hard times, especially adjusting to work, eat, sleep at the same place, but after overcoming the few first rounds of procrastination, I realized you can actually become more productive with the right mindset (and a strong support system). I’ll try to share some tips about this in the next posts, in the meanwhile you can take a look at the tips we created in Brand Union at the beginning of the pandemic.

We realized we need art & creativity

2020 also showed us the importance of art in our lives. The online concerts, old footage from theater plays, online tours of museums were points of excitement and joy in these hard and sad times. In a way, they were an escape from the dark reality surrounding us, but at the same time a point of hope and motivation. It was (and still is) a great way to use the time at home for learning and experiencing something we otherwise wouldn’t think of.

So, what’s next?

So without any predictions for the year (I hope we all learn how to move steady and live day by day) I can only conclude that whatever the future holds we need to invest in our creativity 🙂 It can be our guiding force, our escape from reality, our “new year, better me” resolution.

I hope you have an amazing year, filled with inspiration, good talks and hopefully soon, a lot of hugs. I’ll try to keep up this creative story going and I hope you’ll like what’s coming next 🙂