There are not a lot of ads that can make me emotional even after watching them a few times. After while working in marketing, it is hard to set aside the industry built in skepticism and ability to recognize sales formulas. But this ad manages to do it every time I watch it.

Bodyform is known for their creative advertising, and their campaign (published a while ago in 2020) Womb Stories is a perfect example of that. There is great production value, amazing animations and seamless connection with the recorded footage, but one more important thing, it touches the heart of the target audience in just the right way.

The great value I see in this ad is not so much in the great music, visuals and storytelling, but the honest and real approach. It’s not just another ad for a menstrual pads brand, it shows how much the brand understands women and finds at least one (most probably more) relatable situations for every woman watching it.

It’s a really big intro, but I’m sure it will live up to the set expectations. Enjoy! 🙂