[Inspiration] Digital Life

I usually have a great deal of prejudice when starting to read/watch something connected to the explanation of digital life and the impact of digital technology on our development, but this TED Talks really hits all the points in the right way.

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The Kardashian Empire

Let’s agree from the start that this will be a totally marketing overview, all judgement and opinions about the main protagonists aside. We simply can not ignore the fact that no matter how wrong their messages may be, it is a simple fact that they have mastered the modern day marketing.

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Instead of a “Hello world!” and “About me”


and welcome! 🙂 I am Iva and this blog is my place to talk about creativity and marketing. My intention is to share whatever inspires me, my learnings, experiences and advice.

A bit more about me:

In 2017 I got my PhD in Marketing on the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, Macedonia.

I am the Chief Creative Officer and partner in the Skopje based marketing agency Brand Union. You can read more about my professional experience here:

In 2019 I started a series of events called Creative Talks which have the purpose of increasing creativity.

I love marketing and creativity in all shapes and forms, they inspire me, motivate me to learn more and challenge myself on daily basis. I hope I’ll be able to transfer at least a bit of this passion to you through this blog.

I hope you like Creative Talks 🙂 Thanks for being here!